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The main hobby is tourism, hiking - individual or group.

Czech Tourist Club Queer
Czech Tourist Club Queer

Czech Tourist Club Queer

Founding member of Czech Tourist Club Queer and president since 2009 until 2018. Head of tourist events for public and community, head of weekend trips. A person who make tourist marked paths and representative for parent parts of Club. Manager of social networks and member database.

Czech Tourist Club Prague
Czech Tourist Club Prague

Czech Tourist Club Prague

Webmaster of central website Člověče, pohni se! and website about project Prague tourist events. Member a council for program board, member of board for economies and presentation, social networks manager and helps with the events organization. Since 2014 manager of members and departments database, sice 2015 a member of main region board.



Geocacher nickname Hides 2 Geocaches, Nusle Cemetery in Prague and U svatého Kříže at Sázava. Regularly seeks Geocaches on hiking events. Is it an activity which can help found and visit nice places I would otherwise miss. List of finds can be found at actual statistics at profile.


Whole photos can be found at the gallery.



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