Several projects are situated at my personal GitHub profile.

Personal projects

Music Chart Radios Evropa 2 and Frekvence 1

Realized for an employer - a media group Lagardère Active ČR. Music Chart solution contains an administration tool in PHP, Node.js backend endpoints for receive votes and for return data to render frontend chart. Use the JavaScript library for frontend which provides playback of songs and handling of votes. Solution deals with processed unique votes per anonymous user.

Radios Evropa 2 and Frekvence 1

Tracks System for tracks administration

Using opensource Tracklog system which was edited and now could shown tracks to public. It was added map layout next to current Google Maps. Tracks communicates via API with and URL shortener Yourls and for weather downloading from Wunderground. Added external links. Created with Ruby on Rails, Less, PostgreSQL and jQuery.

System for tracks administration

Gallery Personal photo gallery

Personal photo gallery using an opensource system Piwigo. It was completed restyled, changed internal permissions, edited plugins for for their mutual cooperation. Service was edited and now is fully responsive. Added own JavaScript controls, sharing buttons and paginations.

Personal photo gallery

Other projects

Youradio Czech Music Service

Realized for employer - a media group Lagardère Active ČR. I took over the project with and divided internal structure into two separate parts - REST API and web client. Stateless client and API were built on OOP PHP technology. Core of the client application is JavaScript which communicates with an API. Using Less and Grunt. API using PHP framework Nette, Redis, Memcached and communicates with external APIs. Implemented mobile IAP and payment gateway with recurrent payments.

Czech Music Service

Prahou turistickou Web of the project of Czech Tourist Club Prague

Website about the project Prague Tourists of Czech Tourist Club Prague. It contains information page and events. Web supports iCal events export, newsletters connected to Mailchimp API. Created using PHP framework Nette, using Ajax. Average daily attendance of this website are 200 visitors.

Web of the project of Czech Tourist Club Prague

Vyprodává Dutch auction

Website was created when I worked for a web studio as auction system using Dutch auction principes. In a Dutch auction price are decreesing with a time. Created using PHP 5.4 with OOP, jQuery and Ajax. Project contains internal exports and its connected to the payment gateway.

Dutch auction

Evidence KČT Internal system for Czech Tourist Club

Created as a bachelor thesis. This new version of Evidence with the web interface replaced oldest desktop .NET application. Evidence allows to manage whole Czech Tourist Club entities like region, departments, sections, members, member fees and exports for further processing. Contains complex ACL system for managing users and their permissions.

Internal system for Czech Tourist Club


Ruby on Rails Rest API Node.js PHP JavaScript OOP


The main hobby is tourism, hiking - individual or group.

Czech Tourist Club Queer
Czech Tourist Club Queer

Czech Tourist Club Queer

Founding member of Czech Tourist Club Queer and president since 2009 until 2018. Head of tourist events for public and community, head of weekend trips. A person who make tourist marked paths and representative for parent parts of Club. Manager of social networks and member database.

Czech Tourist Club Prague
Czech Tourist Club Prague

Czech Tourist Club Prague

Webmaster of central website Člověče, pohni se! and website about project Prague tourist events. Member a council for program board, member of board for economies and presentation, social networks manager and helps with the events organization. Since 2014 manager of members and departments database, sice 2015 a member of main region board.



Geocacher nickname Hides 2 Geocaches, Nusle Cemetery in Prague and U svatého Kříže at Sázava. Regularly seeks Geocaches on hiking events. Is it an activity which can help found and visit nice places I would otherwise miss. List of finds can be found at actual statistics at profile.


Whole photos can be found at the gallery.


System engeneering

Doctoral studies System engineering in Department of Applied Informatics Faculty of Civil Engineering CTU in Prague.

FSv ČVUT october 2015 - till now

Web Developer

Research and development of web services of a media group Lagardère Active ČR with focus on scalability and client-server access. The main agenda is music service where I developed new REST API backend . Using: OOP PHP, MySQL, Nette PHP framework, jQuery, CSS3, HTML5, Redis.

Lagardère Active ČR october 2014 - till now

Project Management of Innovations in a Company

Master's degree program in study programme Management of Development Projects, field of study Project Management of Innovations in a Company at Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies Czech Technical University in Prague.

MIAS CTU september 2013 - june 2015

PHP developer

Design and development of web services and project in a web studio Using PHP, jQuery, Nette, HTML5 and CSS3. september 2012 - october 2014

Economy and Management

Bachelor's degree study programme at Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies Czech Technical University in Prague in a study programme Economy and Management, Field of study Management and Economy of an Industrial Enterprise .

MIAS CTU september 2010 - june 2013

Lecturer - Methodist

Lecturer of basic works and operations with a computer, operating system Windows and works with MS Office in a Czech Women’s Union. Teaching activity was from a EU project Women support entering the labor market.

january - october 2010

President of Czech Tourist Club Queer

Founding member of a nonprofit organization and president of Czech Tourist Club Queer.

KČT Queer january 2009 - till now

Management Information

Bachelor's degree study in programme Software Engineering and Management in Faculty of Electrical Engineering Czech Technical University in Prague.

FEL CTU september 2008 - march 2010

Electrical Engineering

Graduation study at The Secondary Technical School.

VOŠ a SPŠE Františka Křižíka september 2004 - june 2008


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